Vandezande is a family business which was founded in 1930. Since then it has been growing steadily and has developed into one of the most dynamic companies in the market of screw pumps & hydro power screws, wastewater treatment equipment and electromechanical equipment for moveable bridges and locks. Because of its many years of experience and knowhow, Vandezande is synonymous with quality, flexibility and service. Vandezande has its own research department with experienced and qualified master degree engineers, bachelors, and skilled professionals. The use of sophisticated CAE programmes, when designing metal constructions, allows us to design with greater precision, creating a better insight, which results in faster completion times.

Vandezande bedrijfsgebrouw

Managing director

Chris Vandezande
Chris Vandezande

Family business since 1930

Chris Vandezande, Rufin Vandezande, Eric Vandezande, Maurice Vandezande

f.l.t.r.: Chris Vandezande, Rufin Vandezande, Eric Vandezande
under: Maurice Vandezande