04 12 2016

440 kW Renewable Energy with Hydro Power Screws in Höllthal

Waterkrachtvijzel met stalen stortgoot in Höllthal (Duitsland) - 2 vijzels - 220 kW - 10,5 m³/s - Vijzeldiameter 4,3 m - Beschoepingslengte 6 m

Vandezande BVBA realized the design, construction and start-up of 2 x 220 kW VDZ Hydro Power Screws on the river Alz in Höllthal (Germany). Two big screws which can process a river flow rate of 21 m³/s at high efficiency and in a very fish friendly way were the best technical – economical solution for… Read more »

11 08 2015

VDZ-Automatic Trash Rack facility in Vietnam operational


In the beginning of 2015 Vandezande deliverd an automatic trash rack of the overhead transfer type in Dong Bong (Vietnam). This installation has to protect the pumps which avoid urban floods caused by heavy rains during the rainy season. This automatic trash rack is part of the project  “Construction and renovation of the 3 pumping stations of Co… Read more »

29 06 2015

Compact Hydropower Screw in City Park Erding


Beginning of May 2015, Vandezande delivered and installed a compact hydropower screw installation in the city park of Erding (Germany). Besides a classic compact hydropower screw, this installation has a hydraulic actuated shut-off valve (in coorperation with sister company Vameco) and the complete electrical installation is build in the drive unit room. Following movie illustrates the… Read more »

21 10 2014

3 x 96 kW compact hydropower screw placed on the river Alm

96 kW Compact Hydro Power Screws on the river Alm (Austria)

In October 2014 Vandezande delivered and installed 3 compact hydropower screws on the river Alm in Austria. This pick and place screw design is provided with a fully enclosed self-supporting steel structure comprising the screw, powertrain and other accessories. The whole construction weighs up to 35 tons. The srew body itself has an outer diameter… Read more »